Custom fields in JIRA - Performance topic

Posted on December 13, 2018 - by Jordi Federico

One of the questions that might come to your mind is: How do Custom Fields affects performance in my JIRA instance?

As you might know, every field exists on every issue, inside every project. So yes, they do affect in the performance.

Atlassian have some indicators where they have tested 2 instances with 1.400 and 2.800 custom fields. And There is a difference, specially on the search issue.

By experience, You can try to tune the Field configuration and contexts but you might be spending time for nothing. But here are some advices that might help you to prevent it.

1. Try to make Generic Custom fields.

As a good Admin, you should not create similar custom fields.

2. Reuse them as much as you can.

Talk with your users and try to find an agreement where you can reuse the existing ones. Good practice is to pull the list of Custom fields from the database so they can see it in a nice way.

3. Advice when creating / configuring a project.

When creating/configuring a project, try to make it simple. Try to advice the team before they think about adding a new custom field.

If you already have a big amount of Custom Fields, and you would like to do a cleanup of them. Here are some suggestions how to lower the number:

1. Identify the Unused fields and remove them.

2. Merge Custom fields.

3. Try to not create new ones.